FAQ for Parents & Students

  • Why should I choose Beyond Learning?

    Not only do we have passionate teachers who have designed the class curriculum to align with the Ministry guidelines, our live and on-demand, interactive classes are engaging and help achieve academic results. With all our live classes, students receive video lessons to further explain concepts, assignments and quizzes. Parents will receive weekly (even daily!) feedback on what their child learned and how they are progressing in the class.

  • We don't homeschool our children, is Beyond Learning going to be helpful?

    Definitely! The classes offered on Beyond Learning are enrichment classes. These classes are offered outside of traditional school hours. Regardless of if they're homeschooled, online learners, distance ed learners, brick-and-mortar school learners- this platform is for everyone!

  • What types of classes do you offer?

    Beyond Learning offers 2 types of classes: 1. LIVE CLASSES 2. ON-DEMAND CLASSES. Live classes are just that, the class teacher is teaching a live interactive lesson via a video chat through Zoom. These courses are supplemented with assignments and quizzes. On-demand classes are learn-at-your-pace classes. These include pre-recorded lessons, practice questions, interactive activities, and quizzes. These sessions are monitored by an online instructor who is there to answer any of your questions.

  • What kind of technology do I need in order to participate in live classes?

    For the live classes, you will be using Zoom. Prior to your first class, download Zoom. You will also need a working microphone and webcam. Usually your laptop have these already. You will also need a strong internet connection. As for the on-demand classes, since there are no live classes, we will not be using Zoom. Students can access course lessons on their own time. They can send questions via messaging or email to their assigned teacher or TA.

  • How much does a course on Beyond Learning cost?

    A live course/class typically runs for 10-12 sessions, for 5-6 weeks. The full course fee ranges from $160-$225 per 5 week cycle. Please see individual courses for exact cost.

  • How do you hire your teachers?

    The Beyond Learning admin review each teacher's professional and educational backgrounds. Teachers who have subject matter expertise and teaching experience are welcomed onto our team. Each teacher must have a criminal record check completed as well.

  • How do I get started?

    Sign up is simple! For our live courses, click 'sign up ' and make an account. Then choose the course you would like. Click enroll and pay with your credit card. Once enrolled, familiarize yourself with the course outline and resources. When it is time for your class, click the Join Live Class button to launch Zoom. It is suggested to login a few minutes before class time.

  • Are your courses for credit or are they prep courses?

    All our live and on-demand courses are prep courses which are meant to supplement traditional education. Our qualified teachers highly recommend taking prep courses, even if your child is doing well. Often, it will give them the additional push they need to be outstanding!

Can't find an answer to your question?

Sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at info@beyondlearning.com and we will be happy to help you!