FAQ for Potential Teachers

  • Who can teach on Beyond Learning?

    Beyond Learning is a team of certified teachers who are very strong in their subject matters. If you don't have a teaching degree, but have a lot of teaching experience, we'd love to hear from you! We require a criminal record check.

  • What classes can I teach?

    Beyond Learning currently offers classes in Math, Science, and English. In the future, we are open to other subject matters. Please get in touch to put in a course request.

  • How do I get paid on Beyond Learning?

    You will receive payments by Paypal in the middle of your course session and the remainder amount at the end of the session. The amount per 5 week session (10 lessons) varies dependent on student enrolment (and quality of teaching) but ranges from $22-$70/hour.

Why should I teach with Beyond Learning?

We offer a beautiful platform promoting:

  • A listing of your courses offered
  • Full page instructor page dedicated to you
  • Access to our learners
  • Marketing for your courses
  • We take the responsibility of payments and costs incurred
  • Teacher Assistant available for assistance in your online classes each week
  • Flexible Schedule

    Teach online from home, with a schedule that is best suited for you.

  • Great Earning Potential

    Earn money doing what you love! Average hourly rate is $22-$75+/session (dependent on student enrollment)

  • Rewarding Experience

    Teach a small group of motivated learners who choose to be in your class!