Course Type: 10 Day Course

This multi-day class meets twice per week for 5 weeks. There are 10 lessons in total. Online sessions are 60 min long.

How does it work?

  • Classes are held through live video chat on Zoom (recorded for safety)
  • Assignments/quizzes/assessments are completed on our learning management system
  • Student progress is monitored and weekly feedback is sent to parent's email.
  • Small group sizes
  • Whether a homeschooler, an online learner or a regular school learner, this a great course to supplement any student's learning!

Class Description

This class will focus on the concepts outlined below. Each class is carefully designed to not only be engaging and interactive, but fully aligned with the Ministry of Education curriculum.

  • Extended Exponent Laws

  • Linear Relations & Functions, GCF/LCM, & Factor Trees

  • Linear Functions: Slope, B, Types of Graphs

  • Graphing Linear Relations

  • Domain & Range

  • Substitution/Elimination

  • Trigonometry Ratios

  • Trigonometry Word Problems

  • 2 Review Lessons

Available Classes

July 20-August 19, 2021

  • Meets twice per week T/TH
  • 11:00am-12:00pm PST
  • 10 sessions in total

Cost Per Learner


  • Why should I enroll in this class?

    Math 10 Summer Prep is a very thorough course carefully designed by experienced teachers. Each class is engaging and interactive. The teacher monitors student progress and provides parents an update via email after each lesson.

  • I am not homeschooling my child, can I still enroll him/her in this class?

    Absolutely! All of our courses are enrichment classes. Whether your child is attending a regular school, online learning, distributed learning or homeschooling, this course is a perfect addition to ensure your child is mastering all of the math concepts as expected by the Ministry of Education.

  • What do I need for this class?

    A strong internet connection, a computer, notebook and a pencil. It is recommended that students are taking notes throughout the lesson and trying practice problems on their own. Worksheets will be provided by the teacher for students to download.

  • How much time do I need to devote to this class?

    Classes are 2 hours per week and teachers may supplement with practice questions which would be up to 1 hour per week outside of class time.


Neetu Dhaliwal


Neetu is a certified teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. She has a passion for teaching math and science courses. She completed her B.Sc. and B.Ed. at the University of British Columbia and is a life long learner.