Live Lessons

For Grades 8-11

Our live lessons cultivate a complete education and offer a way to provide small interactive group classes with live engaging instructors - all available to join from wherever you need.

On-Demand Courses

For high school students

Browse any topic and start their learning instantly! Each lesson provides step-by-step notes and examples. They can watch, rewind, and re-watch lessons as many times as they need!


For Grade 5-12 students

One-on-one intensive learning and group collaboration with carefully vetted qualified tutors - to get them caught up and thriving!

The Beyond Learning Difference

Why people love our classes

“Amazing for online learning! The teachers are very caring, supportive, & knowledgeable. Parents are provided regular reports, so they are able to support and monitor their child throughout their learning process. Great way for your kids to be successful and confident in their education.”

Bhav D.

“Ms. Avneet's tutoring center is well organized, equipped and teaching is done based on a well suited methodology and curricula. It is great to see qualified people running such institutions. Dr. Jay”

Jay H.

“I began attending Beyond Learning in grade 6 when I was beginning to struggle with subjects such as Math and English. With help from my amazing tutors, I was able to develop and enhance my skills. Without the support of the Beyond Learning team, being an honour roll student for 5 consecutive years would have been out of the question. Thanks for all of your help and guidance!”

Amarpreet G.

“The tutors and online content have been very helpful every week since I have joined. I have seen my marks go up exponentially since I have joined (67-86). The teachers are very helpful and make the environment feel very welcoming.”

Anthony C.

“My son has attended Beyond Learning since kindergarten. He is now in grade 9. He is pretty much a straight A student and I will credit his Beyond Learning tutor warriors for much of the student my son is. I checked out Sylvan and Kumon and nothing felt safe and caring as Beyond Learning and the team who were front and centre listening to ME and what my child needed! ”

Shereen M.